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How to set up your

How to set up your Alexa Echo Dot with your device?




Enjoy everyday, in every way

Discover everything you can do with, the ultimate lean-back entertainment experience. support

Can't find the remote?

Did someone hide the remote control again?
Not a problem; just ask Alexa to play your favorite shows:
'Alexa, ask Netgem TV to play the Grand Tour!' 'Alexa, open Netgem TV'...'Put on ITV2'
'Alexa... Go to TV guide' support

Want to take a break but it's your favourite live TV show?

You can do it! It's easy with netgem.TV - press pause for over 1 hour. The live TV will freeze until you get your cup of tea or put the chicken in the oven. Then, fast-forward straight to the best parts. support

Kids birthday parties?

Out of ideas for your kid's next birthday? Why don't you organise a karaoke party with their friends? You can set up cool playlists on your SoundBox or use any mobile app with Bluetooth to make their dance-off a great memory. support

Stuck in with bad weather?

Why go out in the cold rain when you can enjoy 25,000 hours of the best Live & On Demand content all day long?
Watch latest shows, movies, reality TV, kids programmes or the 'highest rated TV shows' on Prime Video. Don't forget the popcorn and a warm blanket... and your can binge watch the TV box sets! support

Want to really hear your games?

Does your favourite console games sound bleak on the TV Speakers? No more dull tones with SoundBox - with its dual woofers and dual tweeters - connected to the HDMI ARC port of your TV. Learn more in the 'Support' section. support

Big movie night?

Having friends over on Saturday night for the latest blockbuster? Just turn on your SoundBox, get the snacks and drinks ready, and enjoy high quality sound with the latest movies in High Definition. Your home will become the 'go to place' to enjoy movies together!

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