New milestone for Netgem TV now with 100+ OTT channels on top of Freeview!

Netgem TV has struck again and has added new exclusive channels to its lineup to complement Freeview.  By doing so, Netgem TV has reached a big milestone of 100+ extra channels, all delivered OTT on TV box and mobile at home and on the go.

With this new step, Netgem reinforces its commitment to offer viewers more and more highly engaging content all for the same low price. High quality across all genres and available as standard even on mobile! More content, same low price, more value!

With more included content than any other TV service, Netgem TV always puts value first for customers and our network of ISP distributors. Watch over 215 channels including your favourites from Freeview as well as 100+ HD channels including Premier Sports on top brought to you by Netgem TV. 

As for the apps, we never compromise on quality with premium add-ons including BT Sport Ultimate and Prime Video UHD – with no contracts to lock you in! Not wanting to pay extra? We’re constantly adding free apps such as TikTok, YouTube 4K and other movie streaming apps.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our content partners. A big Thank you to Amagi, Sports Tribal, Extreme, Little dot Studios, Gosee TV and many more. 

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