Our award-winning TV experience is available
on a range of devices and via service providers

You can now enjoy our service on a number of devices, mobiles, tablets and through several service providers across the UK.

netgem.tv products

NetBox 4K

4K gives you a crisper picture using four times more pixels than standard HD. High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivers brighter, more realistic colours and greater detail. From the hottest new film to your favourite TV programme, everything is more lifelike than ever. Dolby Atmos–compatible sound system means you're fully immersed in three-dimensional audio that sends sound around and above you with great precision.

netgem.tv products

SoundBox HD

The first soundbar designed to enhance TV experience and for better entertainment streaming: distinctly improved sound quality and crystal clear dialogues with unique ClearVoice technology. The home theatre system that everyone is talking about: "Most innovative'' and ''Best Experience'' awards won in 2018 and featured in What Hi-Fi? & TechRadar.

netgem.tv products

NetBox HD

Discover the best value FreeviewPlay device of the market: ultimate entertainment comfort - enjoy all of Freeview live TV, all the on demand players and the most popular streaming services all in one place - no need to switch between devices to find something good to watch.

netgem.tv products

Mobile phones & tablets

netgem.tv is available to download on your mobile or tablet whether you're an iOS fan or an Android user.

netgem.tv products

Three UK via the Wuntu app

Three UK have partnered with netgem.tv to offer exclusive deals to its Wuntu Loyalty customers: the best value entertainment service - designed for the Mobile generation.

netgem.tv products

Jersey Telecom

By signing up to a JT Pay Monthly mobile plan, customers will be able to get a Netgem SoundBox at just £4 per month plus 1 year worth of Amazon Prime included. JT has launched an extremely tempting and unique offering to their customers in Jersey and Guernsey.

netgem.tv products


PureFibre is offering the best value Fibre Superfast Broadband bundled with netgem.tv devices, including Freeview Play and Amazon Prime Video.

netgem.tv products

EETV box

launched in 2014, EETV is powered by netgem multiscreen technology, and has pioneered the first ‘skinny bundles’ propositions in the UK: the best of Free TV with Replay/Recordings and the best of no-contract On-demand services (Now TV, Rakuten, Hayu...).



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