Why YOU need Netgem SuperStream WiFi…

Did you know that in most households, there are 15+ devices connected to the WiFi? New forms of usage such as video and smart appliances make WiFi a critical necessity. Also, up to 50% of support calls to ISPs are related to WiFi and home connectivity issues.  

To decrease the number of support calls for WiFi and home connectivity issues and to satisfy your customers’ growingly demanding WiFi needs, we have the answer for you. 

SuperStream WiFi 

SuperStream WiFi is the mass market offering by Netgem that benefits you and most importantly your customers, with the most simple and straightforward offering in the market.

Left: Super simple set up via the “one app” for Netgem TV & SuperStream WiFi
Right: SuperStream management tool for ISPs such as InternetTY.

To find out more about Netgem SuperStream WiFi and the exclusive commercials we bring to ISPA members in the UK just fill in this short form and we’ll be back to you in no time.

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